Wednesday, November 01, 2006


General spends all day chained to a desk...

Metaphorically speaking. I spent ten hours today writing up a conspiracy file, which is not best use of my finely honed, professional street detective skills and abilities. I have got to get out tomorrow, see which way the winds blowing and let them know I'm about.

But if you don't write it up who will?

You would have written competently, straightforwardly and with perspicacity, hopefully ensuring that the file never comes anywhere near you again.

The longer you leave a file untouched the more difficult it is to deal with.

Hang in there. (Yes, I know that 14 more years is a long time, but keep on making the difference that only you can make.)
Don't worry...I got out today and I can tell you the wind was blowing in all was mad!!!!
And The General was forgotten chained to his desk...
Missing you, General.
Come on General.
What about the pay rise mate, will you be trying to get all that overtime you have already put in added to the 3% extra?
Are you still working on that file?

Please let us know how you are.
It must be a committal file.
i'm here, i'm ill. i'll write when i'm better. you can see how ill i am because i can't even bother to do capital letters, that's how ill i am. x. love ill general.
Don't be infectious, and if you must be, only infect the right people.

Get better soon.
Perhaps your next post could be about your "Return to work interview" with your supervisor & maybe if your sickness record warrants it, an "Attendance support meeting" where you are asked about your private life & very personal questions about your habits outside of work, in the interests of you of course!!
Hope you don't loose youe SPP.
Sorry for this General old mate but i wanted to give you something to do while you are off sick!!

You have just been tagged, please see
General - i demand you are unchained from your desk forthwith and return to blogging excellent blogs.


It must be that that you are are incapable of blogging and working at the same time.

However, best wishes...
...even if (especially as) you are supposedly ill...

...are you going for the medical pension then?
Surely the title of this poist should read:

General spends all month chained to a desk...
Better that than "General spends all month 'chained to the mahogany'".. :-)
Knock, knock, knock...Anybody home?
Maybe he has been rumbled?
it must have been a hell of a drink to induce a hangover this big ;-p
I bet it was a paper cut (rolls eyes!!)

Hope you're on the mend from whatever ailment ails you General.
I can tell you he has not been rumbled, he does have a legitimate reason for not posting, he should be back in a week or so
Don't worry Gen...we've only just got x-mas shopping and entertaining to do whilst you've gone AWOL...
And my god, I do hope it's nothing serious to take out of service for so long...we're missing you dearly!
Maybe somebody could unlock the padlock and release that chain!
it is not serious
Anonymous says "it is not serious" ........ definitely the paper cut then!!!!
.........I wonder if he has lost his internet connection??
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