Monday, July 24, 2006


Smokin' crack ain't cool man.

I see so much intelligence coming in about class A drugs it makes me laugh at times. If you lot knew the amount of drugs that get out there on the streets every day it would make your toes curl up. Man, someone somewhere is making a lot of moola to spend I tell you.

The trouble is though, that there just aren't enough coppers around to target the dealers and users and the thing perpetuates.

The drug business has got so big and lucrative that it is in danger of eating itself like a big, hungry, crack smokin', fat thing.

The current "focus" is all about reducing and detecting burglary offences, vehicle crime and reducing violent crime and anti-social behaviour. Which is all well and good but the majority of those offences are committed by the smack rats and crack heads looking for the money to get a stone to burn off the foil or a hit of brown. It is colloquially called "ACQUISITIVE CRIME".

The police management and judiciary seem to favour the intervention and treatment/rehabilitation angle. They are no longer supportive of positive police action.
Me and my mates at work think this is shite quite frankly and for us enforcement is the rule of thumb. JAIL is the only option for these people who bring down the fabric of entire communities.

To get busted for cannabis dealing, it now seems you have to have at least a wheelbarrowful in your possession in order to even be recognised as involved in the business. For class A dealing to be proved, it seems you need to find a/ a massive quantity of drugs (preferably in the dealers hand) b/a long line of customers waiting for the dealer to deal and all of them willing to give you a witness statement telling you what they were there for. c/ huge piles of cash, bling, cars, swimming pools and villas in Spain. d/ten mobile phones going off with orders by text and picture. e/ a signed document with lists of names addresses and dates of birth of all your customers thereon and how much they owe you. Even then, the CPS might not charge.

I would tell you about a day in the life of a smack-head/crack head if you were interested? You should be, because there's one looking at your handbag right now, or clocking your fine car to jack or wandering round your street with his syringe in his top pocket waiting for you to go to work so he can empty your house of all the trinkets of your labor. Or the small gold watch you were given when your grandad died, which is the only thing you ever wanted, the one he had since he fought in the war for this great country. Or the old lady, who had her dead husbands wedding ring stolen after being married for 70 years or so.

Priceless things which are sold for a rock of crack, the effects of which normally last less than a minute.

Who's right?

The politically brave thing to do is to legalise crack and smack. I don't think anymore people would use it if was available at a doctor's descretion. It certainly would remove so much crime, in your country and mine, Australia.
I agree with Andrew - but politicians are not known for being brave and this would lose them lots of juicy votes, even if it is the right thing to do.

You have one helluva difficult job, that I wouldn't have the guts to do.

Take care.
The politically brave thing to do would be to convert a disused army barracks into a prison for anyone testing positive for class A drugs to spend a minimum of three months there to detox. No TV, no cushy soft-option luxuries. Education for those that want it, menial labour for those that don't. Sentences automatically extended for misbehaviour/non-compliance. Follow that with regular testing and an automatic one year sentence for failing the test/failing to appear for the test. Test every individual who comes into custody.

As for dealers, automatic 10 years minimum sentence with none of this bullshit of getting out early for good behaviour. Again, harsh regime, no luxuries. Education available or work.
I don't think legalising drugs is going to solve anything. All it does is pretend the problem isn't there. Drug taking causes serious public health issues along with the resultant crime that goes with the desperation. Making it legal will not take that away. Its like that ridiculous politican a few weeks ago that said we should have have an amnesty for all illegal immigrants... it's just sweeping the problem under the carpet.
Solution? Education, forced rehab and better social services to provide these people with something better to do than sticking themselves... and to do that we need to bring them to the attention of the state by nicking them...

Good to see another job blog. Hope you stay around longer then the rest..
I like your views people. Thanks for the shout Mr Briscoe, I do hope to begin a regular slot once I've worked out how to get my blog on the policemans blog sidebar thingy. My techy mate is helping me out soon, but once i'm up and running, I'm looking for a long term blog slot. I have much to comment on in my game.

You highlight the malaise that is sweeping the police force. It's a numbers game and spin. A well known business idiom is: "you'll show improvement in whatever you metric", mostly because you'll ignore everything else as your bonus, career or ability to build an empire (and feel important) is measured by those metrics.

In order to fulfil quotas, it's easier to repeat what you know, i.e. go after the same type of crime you have always done, just "spin" a catchy new moniker (and make a name for yourself as an out of the box thinker?). We should also remember that the crimes used to feed the drugs machine pre-date the illegality of drug use, I think the nature of the beast is still misunderstood by the upper echelons of the force.

It takes real leadership and vision to plough new ground, and who wants to do that when the kids are at college or you have a mortgage and 2 weeks in the sun to pay for?

It is naieve to believe that legalization of drugs (particularly class A) will happen. The liberal voices shout a lot louder than the pragmatic voice of the average man on the street, simply because the man on the street is just trying to get by in life (with 2 weeks in the sun if he is lucky) and doesn't have time.

Stick around man, maybe I should ask you to have a word with the brother I grew up with about stealing cake and fighting in skates.
I think what j said sounds good. Although I can almost hear liberals whining on about the junkie's rights. I am fed up with their rights when the victims are deprived of theirs. Time and time again, I nick suspects and they get away with it for numerous reasons or their sentences are a joke.
Not only are there not enough of us, our powers are being reduced day by day. Anyway, keep blogging, General.
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