Thursday, August 31, 2006


The little kid knows, I think...

She looks at me with her massive blue eyes. Her cheeks are full and she has a mouth full of teeth with the ones at the front like big gravestones. She has full lips, especially when she is tired or asleep, dark red, full of heat and blood. She has a body like a skinned rabbit. No fat, no impurities, no chemicals. Muscles and sinews she can rely on to get her over the climbing frame, across the width of the pool, up the hill on her bike, faster than the boys on her scooter. Her hair is dark and shiny. Her nails grow so fast. She has a voice to make my heart melt away and then so shrill, she goes supersonic. I can look her in the eye and see straight into her

But I worry for the future.

I think I am a tough man. I can handle the pressure. I can take the heat and step up for battle. I do this regularly. But I want my family to grow up without fear. I want my girl to grow with the goodness I feed her with. I want her to be strong but not bully and be thoughtful but not downtrodden.

Sometimes, in the quiet times, I miss my kid. I see her more times than most divorced dads. But I miss her and there are only so many times you can say "I was catching the baddies so you and your friends can be safe..." before you begin to know she knows you know.

Good one. Thanks for interesting posts. I can't stand that arrogant prat of a blog over there, but the peripheral ones have got much more to say.

Can't you rebel or something? :-)
I am rebelling!

fjl. You are most kind.

I wish my site looked as lovely as yours.

please tell me how you did it? I will buy you a pint.
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