Saturday, September 30, 2006


Love your boss.

"Boss...when are we going to get some troops back?"
"you're not"
"No boss, I don't mean get loads of new people, I mean when are we going to get our troops back from incident rooms and back from being off sick because you've burned them out with your performance culture?"
"Don't you have anything constructive to say general?"
"erm...well,that thing I just said was constructive, you just don't have the right answer. Those of us who are left are supposed to be getting the same performance figures as last year but we've got half the troops. So surely it's right that you half the targets?"
"Over my dead body"
"no boss, probably over mine."

Even better, we get spend more, waste more time completing the crap time sheets every fifteen minutes as from next Monday.
Even less time to investigate the already expanding work load.
There will only be four piles of them from my crew because thats all thats left out of 17 people.

Mine will be a big pile for all the
OT i'm caning ;)
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