Tuesday, January 30, 2007


General is on holiday.

Me and Mrs General are on holiday.

I am blogging from a far off land.

Amazing eh?

Don't worry, I am keeping up the British front, drinking beers in the sun and generally relaxing on your behalf.

I hope your ID is upto date or you'll never get back into the country, unless....
Remember to use the sun block...
have fun and don't worry about the work..it'll be there plus some when you get back :O)
What no updates General?

You've been back at work for a few days now, no news to report?
Where are you General?

Surely the Police don't get that much leave???
Has the General been kidnaped?
come back to us gen!
Do you think Mrs General has him tied to the bed?
I reckon she'd more likely to have locked him in the cupboard under the stairs by now!!
That should say she's not she'd ....... sorry!

Just had another thought, what if The General's been abducted by aliens ......
Bloody hell Gen, it's been nearly 3 months!!
Come on pull your bloody finger out and start blogging again.
General - It's blackmail time. Start blogging again or I'll post your email address on here!
I'll ask him again, he is family after all
I can say he is still doing what he does best ;)
Dear General,

I hope that you are coming back and haven't been reined in by the powers that be or any other such nonsense. Yours is by far one of the best blogs around, not only within the police blogging world and I hope very much that we will see more of it
General, I'm running out of tunes to whistle whilst we await your return ....... even my deaf old cat's getting fed up with my lack of musical taste!!
please blog again.you are sorely missed.
Take a look and read at this. Chicago Police Officer responds to a disturbacne by himself and shoots and kills and unarmed citizen with absolutely no cause. The Chicago Police Department then attempts to conceal the murder. The video and the accompanying article explain it all in depth. What are your comments in the UK?


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