Monday, May 14, 2007


General is alive and well.

Greetings blog fans. Sorry, I have been away a bit.

Some twat told me to watch 24 and I've been glued to the DVD player for 3 months. I've been using my normal blog time to watch Jack BAUER. Thankfully I'm back.

...and since I've been gone Google have taken over and I forgot my original login details. My friend who helped set this lot up was next to useless here too!
Bloody hell General I thought they had discovered your identity and locked you away in some kind of hell hole.
Like the domestic violence unit or hate crime unit.
I hope you are busy writing some quality blog materiel.
Glad to hear you're still about General. I had a bit of a hiatus myself. More of your excellent posts please!
3 months of 24? General, you're very very sad .......!!
Good to have you back Gen, Looking forward to some more of your musings!
Oh god. 24. I bought the box set of series one convinced I'd be engrossed.
Big mistake. How many times do his family have to be kidnapped before he decides maybe, just maybe he should get them taken somewhere with some real security. Also, Jack, do yourself a favour. When you interview new staff, slip in the question "are you a terrorist?"
Hey Gen. Glad you're back. Long overdue. What's the news on the street?
Hey General, I believe in Series 7 of 24, Jack Bauer infiltrates CTU, writes witty blog stuff, gets the Public Protection Unit to take on a job, crimes 14 conspiacies to murder the US President, and gets 13 detected (one no crime)!!! Nice one Jack.......
Good to see you back.
General. Will you be blogging again?
If not let us know and I can remove you from my favourites!
Your blog is worth reading but I am getting low on space!!!
Nothing wrong with 24. We could use a few like him. They would probably end being seconded to a plant watering unit though.
Ah General, welcome back!

It always amazes me that Jack always gets the bad guy.

Perhaps he can come & clear some of my shit crimes.....
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