Sunday, June 17, 2007


Some coppers I wouldn't pay in washers.

After 9 days on and an impossibly long weekend at work, I opened up my Monday Morning emails to find one from a supposed colleague, telling me I had two late crime reports in my "electronic" crime in-tray and that I should not let my crime reports go over their due date. It is only by GOD's good grace that the human was not within striking distance of me. I could lose my job over jobsworth shiny-arsed fuckwits like this one. I know I should just delete them and say fuck it, but they piss me right off. Armchair coppers.

I posted this on someone else's blog a few weeks ago... But my top tip for climbing under email senders skins is...

If its a general email, Read someone else's, and delete yours. They then get a message saying "delete not read!". They then email you, to ask why you deleted their email, This one, you can change your email page to view the first lines of mail, get the gist of it and then delete it without opening it" see how long it takes, before they then come to ask you why you keep deleting their emails, and watch how embarrassed they look when they have to tell you those things face to face..... I know, Its not much, but your self worth and day to day fullfilment will go through the roof in a spectacular fashion. Trust me.,.. and happy winding!
I email back in white font
" fuck off"

Im sure some one will notice soon.
wb general :) the white font idea is just genius btw
"This report is now overdue" emails and memos are like bills, you can safely ignore all but the final demand.

If anyone ever asks I just show them my intray and notebook and they can see why I haven't got round to thier little piece of irrelevance yet.
General, delete & be damned. Accidentally copy it to the whole Force. Select a name next to theirs in the address list. Type your reply in a foreign language. Type your reply in CAPITALS, that really gets them going. Anything just to piss them off.
The paperless office ? Making life easy for everyone else. Pity you can't set your mailbox limit and just let it fill up.
I've finally realised that 99% of e-mail sent to my inbox at work can safely be deleted unread with no danger whatsoever. My life is much simpler now! If I spy the same e-mail for a third time over a period of weeks then I may deign to open it, on the basis that somebody MAY actually have some useful information to impart. The latest genius is an automatically generated mail telling me two days after an arrest that the Phoenix 2 form is late. I work in a satellite station, it takes upward of 3-4 days for the form to filter through to div HQ if I fill it in and send it immediately.
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If so, follow the details on my blog

Please pass on message if you're interested, but would rather miss on this one.
Maybe this will help you understand what is going on,

apparently its called Socialism, widespread throughout European democracies......And its attempting to swallow up Europe, Australia and the US.
If true I think someone should be put on trial for it....but apparently....Blair secretly repealed the Treasons act.....Your Honour....I rest my case...

It's a top down cancer spreading throughout western democracy..

During the 50’s 60’s the Minority communist Parties of Europe
decided to subvert the West...............................from within

Promoting that which will destroy unity within Society, destroying it’s christian faith, Fragmenting Families, promoting homosexuality, in schools, the church, the armed forces.radical feminism.Disempowering the men.
Destroying the Christian faith by promoting unpopular practices, Women Bishops, Homosexuality within the Church...Repeated cases of abuse by catholic clergy..
Mass immigration of dissaparate cultures, encouraging people to move around, destroying cultural identities, borders,creating racial tension, supressing the wishes of the indigenous populations,promotuing heavy drinking, the Smacking ban, taking away parents rights to control and discipline their children.

This is aided and abetted by a state controlled media….repeatedly denigrating its own population, often in favour of other cultures, Politcal correct newsreporting, Only reporting White crime etc, whilst ignoring the crimes commited by immigration as the Govt secretly floods the Host Country(s) without checks as to who they are letting in nor the consequences to society.

Repeatedly showing White Offenders in the Front Pages of Newspapaers, whilst relegating crimes commited by others to the middle pages or only local news, Repeatedly denigrating your own populations in favour of others.....

Former MP Keith Black.......Immigrants make better citizens than the British'.

Ken Livingstone......'Muslims are less likely to be violent than non Muslims..

Jack Straw....'The British are not worth savinig as a race'.

Promoting 24 hr Drinking, The smacking ban so parents are unable to impose control and discipline on their children then publishing in Newspapers what a drunken disorderly culture we are.......drunken, disorderly, paedophiles, murderers......Imagine what repeatedly being told that for 40 yrs could do to a Society....that is why we repeatedly see articles about Ian Huntley in the Papers.....So we can look at the British man....and all hate ourselves again, and again, and again, and again.....

Think about it what has made the Papers over the Past Years...

Peter Sutcliffe, Fred West, Ian Huntley, Ian Brady, The Black Panther, the Dunblane Massacre. Michael Barrymore, Beverly Allet, Dr Shipman.....

We are being Brainwashed......its going on all over Europe too....

The Ultimate aim being to sap the strength, morality out of the host nations causing them to submit and be exterminated. ..If we need more People, why not encourage your own People to have more children, especially as we have 6 Million Unemployed, that's 10% f the Populat.........Contrary to What the Givt Tells us, the British are not Workshy....ion.......The Ultimate aim being to wipe out the Indigenous Populations of Europe and create a new SINGLE Population,.............of 'Europeans' ....Being a Secular society....the faith of the New EU irrelevant
Does all this make sense now.....This country is being taken apart bit by bit...

Contrary to what the Govt Tells us, the British are not Workshy, lazy...

The emerging EU is a Police State...Further more it is Illegal,
the Govt (nor the Queen) can transfer Sovereignty to a foreign power (The EU)....Magna Carta is worded so that ths cannot happen....
We are being Exterminated, it wont be long berfore they start taking apart our Police and Armed Services (it's already happening) and building up a new European Army and Police Force...
Any dissent from the Population will be met with what.....While our own Police and Armed Forces are elsewhere in Europe undergoing 'diversity and assimilation training'......we will be 'subdued' by armed riot police and troops from where ?...... There are already saying we need a Europeanm Army and Police, (Europol) to Enforce Political correctness mindcontrol...

The Frankfurt School of subversion.
The techniques are broadly based on the Frankfurt School, the University department bought by the Soviet Union in 1935. The Soviets asked it for the best methods of undermining other nations so it could bring them under its control. The EU has been implementing these techniques in Britain since the early 1960’s.

The Frankfurt school recommends political correctness, the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children, the creation of racialism offences, continual change to create confusion, the undermining of schools and teachers’ authority, the promotion of excessive drinking, emptying the churches, an unreliable legal sytem with bias against the victim, dependency on the state or benefits, huge immigration to destroy identity, control and dumming down of media and TV, the attack on fathers and the breakdown of the family, and other methods, the results of which we are now all too familiar with.

Political Correctness is a form of mind control to control free speech, to undermine public opinion, to weaken the defences of democracy and to ‘re-educate’ schoolchildren; it is a well documented communist subversion procedure.

These techniques have been remarkably successful at undermining local and national government, the Police, NHS, schools and children. It has alienated British people from our nation and its politics; millions are now disinterested and apathetic. On 13th Feb. 2007 UNICEF reported British children now have the worst upbringing of the 21 top nations.
Where we work, we have a certain few who seem to send out the majority of useless Emails. Everyone in our team (upwards of 30) just reply with "noted". That means that the plant waterers get in excess of several hundred Emails a day. They keep asking us to stop, but we haven't yet.

My name is Katy Walford and I'm a reporter for News of the World online. I'm emailing you to ask you to get in touch with us for your views on policing today.

We are looking for current or former policemen and women to let us know if you think there is too much paperwork and too much concern with you being politically correct etc etc which prevents you from doing the job that you joined the force to do - i.e. catching real criminals.

We are not asking you to give us your name, we are happy to take your comments anonymously, but please get in touch as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. My email is

Katy xx
Bearing in mind the credentials of our Labour (and now Conservative ) Leaders...being former communists and socialist sympathisers...Mandellson, straw, Browne,prescott...hodge..
Is it True that wew are to be turned into a Communist Police ztate

And under the Further Jackboot of Sharia Law...

Dutch Mimister admitting Islam is to be the Dominant Culture.

Pope says 'Attempts at Islamification of Europe.........cannot be denied'.........

The Hidden evidence of Imported crime In Europe, Murders and Gangrape of Civilsed nations of Europe.

Our Leaders Supress the truth while it happens

Goodbye Sweden
GoodBye France, Frances unreported race riots lasted a WHOLE YEAR, on average 112 Cars torched PER DAY.
If so they might have asked us first
thinblueline.....lmao@you.....thats exellent!!
Hey General.......
I only came across this blog today, and by accident. I must say that you have a flair for telling it as it is. Dont let this blog fade away. Since you got married you gone fairly quiet - must be cleaning them windows!
you work by rules (i know its a surprise) but the days when you can do what you like and end up with a house full of "gifts" are gone. Do things by the book (without the threats of violence)as we all should do.
Fuck off.

The Police aren't at fault. Why were two young kids by themselves down at the lake?
as above, neway they werent police or specials they were PCSOs get ur facts right.
It's posts like these that make me tear up and wish that you'd come back to bloggyville. We miss you!
I agree Jeanette K.....(but not teared up)
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